Character Counts at Moreno Elementary
Character Counts at Moreno Elementary
It is important for home and school to work together to build strong character in our children.  Clearly when it comes to character building, the family is key. Children need more parents who draw the line of accountability with their kids by checking to make sure their homework is done each night, as well as turn off the TV and other screens so that a half hour of reading is ensured every day, even at the risk of being called "mean".  I know this to be true with my two children, as they have on many occasions called their morm or me mean, even though they know we truly love them, and the fruits of our "meanness" have been realized in their both being outstanding students in school, as well as courteous and kind citizens.  
School also has a strong supportive role to play in character building. We must not only help children become literate and well informed, we must also help them develop the capacity to be responsible and demonstrate peaceful conflict management skills. Along with the great things listed above, another excellent example of building strong character is Mrs. Judi Green’s leadership with our Mustang Patrol, upper grade student conflict managers modeling and assisting lower graders to solve problems peacefully on the playground during recess. Another student leadership group, The Range Riders, is led by our Counselor, Mrs. Peterson, and they have shared the six pillars of character during announcements every week, as well as performing a myriad of community service projects and off campus visits.
As we promote a safe school as a mission priority, we need to reinforce those universal character traits we all hope our children will demonstrate when we aren’t around. That’s one reason we joined up with Character Counts in order to more clearly convey the importance of positive character on our campus and beyond. Character Counts, the most widely implemented approach to character education, espouses six pillars of good character, which we are emphasizing all year long: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship.
As you can see, good character really does count on our campus, and we aim to improve and reinforce positive staff and student citizenship every day here at Moreno Elementary.