AP Message

Hello Moreno Mustangs, my name is Susan Prady and I am so honored to serve as your Moreno Mustangs Assistant Principal. I share the vision of our school district of “Excellence on Purpose” and also place great value in Moreno’s Mission “To be a strong Professional Learning Community where we meet the learning needs of all students, ensure a caring, safe and supportive learning environment and maintain high academic and citizenship expectation and  optimize student learning through assessment and accountability.” Our Vision is that “We, the learning community at Moreno Elementary School embrace our diversity and commit to the tenets of a Professional Learning Community. We will provide a highly qualified staff who will collaborate utilizing effective and appropriate strategies, interventions and assessments for optimal student learning. Educators in partnership with staff, families, and the community will provide for the education, safety, and well being of all students.”

 My goal is to be a great asset to the Moreno Mustang Community, serving the parents, students, staff, the surrounding community members, and our Principal, Mr. Villavicencio. I will work hard to reach our goal of preparing all of our Mustangs to be college and career ready and to prepare them for middle school, high school and their life as an adult, by giving them a strong foundation in academic skills, the joy of learning, and to be a reliable citizen.

I am beyond excited to spend the year here where we can work together on PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Supports), strong academic expectations and being part of the amazing Mustang Community. I look forward to meeting each and every student and their families.