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Moreno Elementary School

Teacher with Crazy hair for spirit day
students eating lunch
Teachers at assembly
Boys smiling for picture
Kids sitting in an assembly
Student sitting in white chairs at an assembly
kids building wall with red cups
Adults standing for picture
PTA Rep's giving speech in MPR
Student getting lunch with apples from school garden
Students playing basketball
Adults smiling for camera's
student smiling for picture in front of wing mural
Teacher with students on reading carpet
kids dancing in all black
Custodian smiling for picture
STEAM Can music
STEAM Students painting
ladies and kid smiling for picture
boys dancing at dance
Principal and Principal of the day
Students cleaning Garden
Students working in garden
Student's receiving award from Principal
Students and adult smiling for picture
Man smiling for picture
students' playing video game on gametruck
Students singing on stage
Student at Dr. Seuss assembly
Adult smiling for picture
Mt. View Student reading to MOES students
PTA Members smiling for picture with props
Teacher in front of class while student look on
Students working on computers
Student's dancing on stage
Students standing on stage
STEAM students playing blacktop hockey
Adult dressed as a super hero Zero the hero for kinder students
two students with crazy hair for spirit day
Spec Ed teacher and Principal smiling
Kids with twinkies
kids smiling for picture
VVHS Grad clss 2019 walk with elem students
Teachers smiling for pictures
1st grade students wearing red
Dads dancing with daughters
Kid smiling for picture
Mt. View Students reading to MOES students
Instructional Assistant helping two students
Principal for the day talking to student
mother son picture
Student Singing on stage
Student with glasses smiling
Student smiling at camera
Handmade Sign
Teacher and student with author in MPR
Career day presenters
Students playing Ukulele

Ukulele Time!!! 

3 year old girl building wall with red cups
student parent smiling for picture
Employee posing for picture
Teachers performing onstage
Parent book club smiling with banner for pic
boys dancing
kids smiling for camera
Kinder kids dressed up as older people
Teacher helping student with project
Students and Admins holding signs
parent student smiling for picture
Students' receiving award
Students working on chromebooks another student helping
Kids eating ice cream at the lunch table
Three Students with crazy Hair
parent teacher and student smiling for picture
Student's receiving awards
Teacher with student family smiling for picture
Teachers in front of the staff Lounge
Students working on chromebooks, teachers helping
student and parents looking at project
FNL overnight field trip
Student dressed as Cat in the Hat
Students playing blacktop hockey
Teacher smiling with student dressed as Dr. Seuss character
Kids having an egg hunt in the grass
Student's playing a video game on gametruck
Ms. Judi CSA smiling for picture
Student Council Meeting/kids sitting around table in discussion
STEAM students painting
two students smiling
Pumpkin with TK
Student doing morning announcement
Steam kids playing blacktop hockey
Students' playing video games on gametruck
Parent volunteer reading to students
Employee taking picture
Instructional Assistant helping student with project
Students with Teacher Coach
Student receiving awards at assembly
Teacher smiling for picture
STEAM students working on Project
Mt. View students reading to MOES students
Kids sitting in chairs at Basketball court
Superintendent, Principal, and Retired Teacher
Parent and student smiling for picture
Mt. View reading to MOES students
Students in nice dresses
kids smiling for picture
parents and students smiling for picture
Kid showing art work
kids dressed in Dr. Seuss characters
Students dancing for in costumes
Kinder class dressed in Dr. Seuss
Student and Admin pose with student awards
Student reading to group
kids dancing and playing at school event
Mt. View students reading to MOES students
Mt. View reading to MOES students
Man holding sign with apples on it
Students pose with awards
Kids dancing on stage
Students on chair learning sign language with chromebooks

Sign Language Time

Teacher sitting on desk speaking to teachers
Student working on letter
Mt. View students reading to MOES students
Mt. View students reading to MOES students
STEAM Students working on art project
Principal walking with kids at an assembly
Kid smiling for a picture
kids eating ice cream at table
Board Meeting
Student's playing video games on a gametruck
kids working on project
Student sitting in chairs on basketball court
Lunch line
Kids in assembly
Volunteer Tea
Parent students reading
Kids playing video game on gametruck
Students singing on stage
Students standing infront of tree
Girl holding poster
Student smiling at camera
Kids playing a video game on the gametruck
Dad Dancing with both his daughters
Teacher in Dr. Seuss assembly
Student getting award
Student smiling for picture
Staff with Madagras mask
Cafeteria Manager serving lunch
Teacher reading books
Student with clipboard talking to two other students
parents looking at student work in class
STEAM Students dancing
Two adults and three students performing on stage with props
Nutrition Assistants serving apples from garden
Student posing for picture


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MVUSD Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of Moreno Valley Unified School District is to ensure all students graduate high school prepared to successfully enter higher education and/or pursue a viable career path.